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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is clear. We want "to make smoking history" - to reach a point in time when tobacco smoking and the harm it causes is a thing of the  past.


We believe this is possible given the significant progress over the last decade with record numbers of smokers quitting and fewer children and young people taking up smoking. The North East has seen the highest fall in smoking in England and the highest quitting success rates in England.


The harm caused by tobacco impacts on every hospital, every community and thousands of families across our region. No other product, when used correctly, will kill half of long term users. As well as destroying families, smoking also costs society.


We aim to ensure adults who smoke and young people growing up are clear about the risks, and give smokers the motivation and help to stop smoking, including for some, switching to an electronic cigarette.


In the North East back in 2014 all 12 localities committed to work towards a shared ambition to reduce adult smoking down to 5% by 2025. It is ambitious, but would save countless lives and save the region over £78 million a year.


We remain committed to continuing to make progress and to work hard to reduce smoking across all communities and to narrow the health inequalities that smoking directly causes.