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Press Releases

Brave mum turned health campaigner loses battle with lung cancer
Monday, 10 November 2014
      A BRAVE mum turned health campaigner, who spent the last few months of her life urging people to quit smoking and live longer, has lost her own battle with lung cancer aged just 48.
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Stoptober inspires record-breaking quit attempts in the North East
Monday, 03 November 2014
A record number of smokers in the North East have been inspired to quit as part of this year’s 28-day Stoptober challenge from Public Health England.
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Smoking could rob you of watching TV, reading and driving
Wednesday, 24 September 2014
Smokers in the North East are being warned that they could be doubling or tripling their chances of developing the most common form of sight loss among the elderly sooner, unless they quit.
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22,000 and counting - Stoptober challenge launches in the North East
Monday, 08 September 2014
  COUNCILS and smokers in the North East will be joining in with some of the country’s top comedians for this year’s 28-day Stoptober challenge.
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Smoking costs councils in North East more than £36m a year in social care costs
Wednesday, 03 September 2014
  New figures from Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) show that Councils in the North East are paying more than £36m a year to help people with smoking-related illness to live in their own homes (domiciliary care).
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Thursday, 28 August 2014
Data released today shows that North East Stop Smoking Services continue to help a higher proportion of smokers to quit than any region in England.
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Parents: help to keep illegal tobacco of the streets this summer
Monday, 21 July 2014
PARENTS are being urged to help keep illegal tobacco off the streets this summer, with unscrupulous dealers likely to be looking for teenage customers over the school holidays.
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A step closer to ending children being exposed to smoking in cars
Tuesday, 15 July 2014
Laws to protect children in England from tobacco smoke in cars have moved a step closer today, with health campaigners Fresh welcoming a Government consultation (1).
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Take the temptation out of tobacco packs says Fresh
Thursday, 26 June 2014
Fresh has welcomed draft Regulations published today by the Government to take the temptation out of tobacco packaging – but says MPs must be able to vote on these before the General Election to ensure that they become a reality.
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Fresh urges for pioneering approach to illegal tobacco to be rolled out nationally after House of Commons Home Affairs Committee Report
Monday, 16 June 2014
Fresh has urged for a pioneering approach launched in the North East in 2009 to tackle illegal tobacco to be rolled out nationally following the publication of a new report by the Home Affairs Committee.
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