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Tobacco multinationals should pay to reduce smoking
Sunday, 31 May 2015
Tobacco companies should be forced to pay towards reducing smoking.
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World No Tobacco Day highlights illegal trade
Friday, 29 May 2015
From hidden holes above light fittings to secret drawers and hollow doors - these are some of the concealed compartments that have been used to store illegal tobacco across the North East.
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Electronic cigarettes could offer smokers health benefits
Friday, 22 May 2015
New figures from Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) suggest use of electronic cigarettes has grown over the last year with around 2.
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Wednesday, 25 March 2015
Statement from Fresh on electronic cigarettes, also knownas nicotine vaporisers (updated Sept 2016) Tobacco vs nicotine - re-evaluating the harms One in two long term tobacco smokers who don't quit will die from a smoking related disease with an average of 10 years of life lost, with half of those…
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Heather's warning: passive smoking killed my beloved pet
Friday, 20 March 2015
A North East pet-lover who lost her dog four years ago to lung cancer is today issuing a warning about the deadly risks of second-hand smoke.
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Lords vote for standard tobacco packaging
Monday, 16 March 2015
North East children will be given one of the strongest reasons yet never to smoke after a conclusive vote in the House of Lords that will mean cigarettes sold in plain, standardised packs.
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Make No Smoking Day the day you stop
Wednesday, 11 March 2015
    The North East has 118,000 fewer people smoking than a decade ago – and smokers are being encouraged to make this No Smoking Day (11 March) their day to quit for good.
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MPs vote for plain, standardised packs
Wednesday, 11 March 2015
Fresh has congratulated North East MPs who today voted in favour of plain, standardised tobacco packaging – and said the move will help make cigarettes history for more children.
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Countdown to tobacco display law
Monday, 09 March 2015
Small retailers in the North East are being reminded that new tobacco display laws come into effect on April 6th, 2015.
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Vision to make smoking history could save £100m a year
Tuesday, 03 March 2015
Ambitious plans to cut smoking rates to 5% across the North East by 2025 has been backed by health and local government leaders and young people in the region.
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