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Fresh Air Blakelaw

Introduction and Background

Blakelaw’s estimated smoking prevalence when the project launched in 2011 was 38.9% compared to the Newcastle rate of 28.6%. (NB: city wide prevalence of adults of 18 years and over currently stands at 19.6%
Smoke Free Newcastle had a vision to improve the health and wellbeing of Blakelaw residents by reducing the number of people who smoke and the number of people, especially young people, who are exposed to secondhand smoke in the ward. To achieve this goal the Fresh Air Blakelaw or FAB pilot programme was  developed. It tried to provide an intensive range of services and activities on smoking in the ward working with local people and stakeholders to build a programme which better meets their needs. Central to the approach was community involvement, with local knowledge, experience and expertise key to shaping the project.


Principles and Aims

Key Principles
The key principles of the Blakelaw smoking project were to;
•Hear the people we do not often hear from.
•Create a groundswell for change around smoking.
•Understand people’s perception of their own health and smoking issues, using this to plan the intervention   
Aims of FAB Project
To develop and pilot a community wide intensive approach to tobacco
Control within Blakelaw which;
•Increases the number of local residents accessing local NHS Stop Smoking Services.
•Decreases the number of children exposed to secondhand smoke in the home by increasing the number of smoke free homes in Blakelaw
•Heightens awareness of smoking issues and local services
•Effectively engages the local community and stakeholders in tobacco control to better meet local needs.


FAB Action Plan and Monitoring Reports

Action Plan
The FAB project had its own action plan which complemented the Smoke Free Newcastle Plan. A copy of the FAB action plan and evaluation framework is attached
Progress and Evaluation
Progress was monitored quarterly and reported to both the steering group for FAB and Smoke Free Newcastle . The project was evaluated in 2015. The evaluation report is given below;

Fresh Air Blakelaw Evaluation Report

A household survey was undertaken at the start  and end of the project. The results of the survey can be viewed here
FAB - The Story So Far 2011 - April 2014 (updated) 

FAB the story so far  2011- May 2013. 


Film Making Project

As part of the Fresh Air Blakelaw project in Spring/Summer 2013 a special film making project about children and young people’s perceptions of smoking took place in the ward. Called 'Are you Listening?' the films can all be viewed at 

 An evaluation report about the project can be found at this link.