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Don't Wait was viewed overwhelmingly positively, as important and believable, and with a record number of actions taken.


  • 51% recalled Don't Wait, with TV advertising having highest recall
  • 87% found it easy to understand
  • 83% found it believable
  • 76% found it supportive of smokers
  • 90% said it was aimed at someone like them
  • 90% said it carried an important message
  • 77% said it made them wish they didn't smoke
  • 74% were more concerned about their smoking
  • 68% said it made them want to try to quit more than they had previously
  • 81% of smokers who saw it did something as a result

(independent online survey of 793 adults in NE and North Cumbria)


This means 2 out of 5 smokers in total did something and 1 in 6 successfully quit or reduced smoking...and over 1/3 were asked to quit by someone else -suggesting it also helped mobilise communities.


The digital campaign in its first three phases resulted generated over 39,000 clicks so far to the national NHS Smokefree website and 490,000 video views /engagements from Facebook paid activity.