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Every Breath

Every Breath


COPD is the UK's fifth biggest killer and is mainly caused by smoking.  It can leave sufferers fighting for breath and over 93,000 people in the North East are estimated to have it.


Fresh's 'Every Breath' campaign has raised awareness that smoking causes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and is being supported by the British Lung Foundation. We have also worked with people suffering from COPD to share their stories across news and social media, and encourage people to stop smoking.


The risks are significant, with one major study even suggests at least 1 in 4 smokers will develop clinically significant COPD [2]. The North East also has the highest hospital admission rates from COPD with around 8,729 people admitted in 2011.


One of the problems is that many smokers ignore the early warning signs, not realising that feeling short of breath is not a normal part of smoking but can be an early sign of lung damage, making quitting vitally important before more damage is done.  


The campaign has also ran in the South West and on cinemas in Yorkshire. We are grateful to Sting for supporting the campaign and allowing the lyrics from his song "Every breath you take" to be used. Using socia media, Fresh has also engaged with many people responding to the campaign to direct them towards the local support offered by the British Lung Foundation.